2015 Portland FFL Weekly Recaps

Weeks 9-13

Has it been five weeks since the last recap?  As DeSean Jackson would say, “whoopsy daisy.”

The regular season is over and the playoffs are upon us.  The lucky participants are Nathan Y and Andrew as the 1 and 2 seeds (with a bye this week), and (3) Ben, (4) me, (5) Jason, and (6) Nathan L. The 3v6 will feature a pair of top QBs and RBs facing off (Cam vs. Ben and JStew vs. ADP), while Nathan’s ballcatchers try to withstand the onslaught of DeAndre, Julio, and the resurgent Douglas D. Baldwin, Jr. One of the x-factors will be Andy Dalton, who was seen walking “gingerly” after last week’s win. Continue reading


Air Ball

Open air hockey.  It’s a good thing.

Pond hockey, obviously, has been a tradition for generations.  Long before there were legitimate organized hockey leagues (we’re talking deep into the 1800’s), all hockey was outdoors.  The game was slowly moved indoors, and it became the norm.  Although there were occasional exhibition and college games played outside over the years, the first outdoor NHL game that actually counted was played in 2003 in Edmonton, wherein the Canadiens bested the Oilers.  The NHL instituted its “Winter Classic” series five years later, and since then, occasional outdoor games have been a popular fixture.  The same is true across central and northern Europe.  Outdoor pro hockey was good in “Mystery, Alaska” and, as it turns out, it is good in real life too.  Tonight’s Blackhawks versus Penguins game at Soldier Field has had its crowds thinned by frigid temperatures and inclement weather, but it maintains the trademark charm of outdoor hockey.

There is one other major American sport that has a robust outdoor history but is also played indoors.  So why haven’t we seen the NBA show any love for open air basketball?


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